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As businesses head into the New Year they begin to evaluate the last year and see what worked and what did not work for their business! They evaluate their stats, revenue and growth to make changes for the New Year that is approaching.

However many businesses do not evaluate the work environment they are surrounded amongst and how it affects their productivity throughout the year! Having an unproductive workspace can alter the results of your business tremendously!
To optimize your productivity this 2020 year change your workspace to ensure you are gaining the most out of your time. Read below to reveal the top five ways you can improve your workspace to ensure your productivity is at a maximum level for your 2020 business year!
Tip 1: To Have Background Noise or Silence?
One of the main questions SuiteWorks gets asked is to have a successful workspace for your business should it be silent? This type of question has many customizable answers depending on the business you run or the type of employee you are. 
Many workers are divided into the approach they like to encompass while working. There are three types of workers;
A worker that excels in an environment with background noise such as sitting in a lounge with other employees in order to collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other.
A worker that excels in an environment with complete silence. Needs to have a quite and focused workspace in order to complete tasks accordingly. 
A worker that excels with a division of both background noise and silence. These workers need a balance of both types of workspaces in order to excel and reach full productivity at their job.
Which worker are you? What type of business do you run? If your business incorporates a team effort more of a background noise workspace would suit you but if your business includes separate roles having a silent office might be best. Make sure you use the best tools available for a comfortable workspace, try out these domtar cougar deals.
At SuiteWorks we cater to all types of workspaces. We offer meeting spaces, lounges, private offices, etc. Learn more about our workspaces we offer!
Tip 2: Remove Clutter

Assess what you really need to function on a high level for your job in your workspace. Most businesses only need a few materials surrounded by them in order to complete their tasks daily.
All other elements that surround your workspace need to go. Clear out your drawers with unwanted clutter and make way for the articles that truly matter.
Keeping ownership of what is worthless to you and what is a value at your workspace will bring a higher sense of productivity to your work environment.
You will not be wasting time on finding articles and supplies you need due to organization that surrounds you, instead, you will effectively locate needed materials to start your work right away.
At SuiteWorks many offices are used part-time meaning you need to bring home your supplies for the next person to use that office when you are no longer there. This allows you to keep track of your supplies and remember to bring only minimal gadgets.
Tip 3: Keep Your Work Environment Sterile

The health of your employees is important to the success of your business. By keeping a sterile workspace allows your employees to have less chance of getting sick.
We all know when you’re sick you’re less productive. To ensure your workspace is clean and sanitary you should maintain a regular workspace clean-up time schedule.
Throughout your clean-up time, your workspace should have their keyboard cleaned, garbage is taken out and also digitally cleaned as well (clearing out junk on your desktop).
By doing this you are set for the next day and you also decrease the chance of getting ill.
At SuiteWorks with any workspace that is used our facility includes janitorial services this helps you alleviate the time you would take to keep your workspace clean.
Tip 4: Stay Hydrated and Fuel Yourself With Nutrition

I know we all like to have our daily cup of coffee in the morning but it is equally important to stay hydrated throughout your day and fuel your body with the proper amount of nutrition.
Drinking water while you are in your workspace is crucial due to its proven ability to increase productivity and increase memory.
Also if one is hungry throughout their workday it results in an unfocused mind, so make sure you keep snacks on hand to stay content throughout your day.
SuiteWorks provides free coffee in their lounge. SuiteWorks also offers beverages/snacks at a reasonable price through vending machines in their lounge as well to guarantee you stay focused and productive throughout your workday.
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